Teacher Resources

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In-House Competitions
Information, resources, and FAQ's regarding In-House Competitions.
In-House Event Score Calculator 
Community Outreach Challenge
Information, details, FAQs and scoring rubric for the Community Outreach Challenge being held in conjunction with the January Open House.
Contest Outlines by Shop
Contest descriptions and quick reference details aligned with each shop's standards.
​**Click HERE for directions for accessing the National Technical Standards, Tool Lists and Contest Outlines.
Employability Skills/OSHA
Information related to the employability skills and OSHA portions of the In-house and District exams can be found here.
Forms and Handouts
All of the forms, handouts and informational sheets related to meetings, registration, competition and more.
Champions Magazine (link) 
The National SkillsUSA Publication is an excellent source for tips, tricks, resources, and ideas.