How will YOU get involved?      
Official SkillsUSA Dress
Listen to the morning announcements or drop by our SkillsUSA table outside Student Activities for more information!
What is SkillsUSA​
SkillsUSA is a student organization that helps you prepare to be competitive in the work place and beyond!
Blazer Lending Agreement
Who to Talk to By Shop/Activity
Click here for a listing of who is coordinating your SkillsUSA program in each technical area.
Contest Descriptions  by Shop
Contest Descriptions and quick reference guides divided by shop area.
Google calendar format allows the user to set alerts and reminders for all of our meetings and events!
Champions Magazine (link)
The National SkillsUSA Publication. See how students all over the country are using SkillsUSA programs to succeed!
What do we do?
Through competition, leadership development, community service, and  social activities, SkillsUSA helps students to  learn, grow and build
life-long connections.
How will Skills help ME?
With millions of dollars in scholarships,  and tool awards, coupled with travel,  skill development, industry connections, and professional development... there is no end to the benefits of SkillsUSA!
What is SkillsUSA?
SkillsUSA is the  largest student organization in the country and the ONLY organization devoted to students enrolled in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education.