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In-house Competitions

Every Shop, Every Student*
Check with your Shop's SkillsUSA Teacher for more details!

*Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

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What are In-House Competitions?

In-house Competitions provide an opportunity for instructors to recognize their students’ skills and abilities while preparing them for the next step in their SkillsUSA experience—the district competition.  The best in-house competitions will replicate the district event as much as possible, thereby giving our students an advantage when they take the district exam. 

In-house competitions that best prepare students for district competition include:
  • 50 Multiple Choice Trade-Related Questions
  • 50 Professional Development Questions
  • 25 OSHA Questions (to be used as a tiebreaker)
  • Some instructors add a performance or hands-on component which replicates the state event.

In-house competitions are scored as follows:
  • 20% Employability Skills/Career Readiness
  • 80% Trade Exam/Performance Component (will vary by shop)
  • Tiebreaker-- OSHA

Students Need to Know:
  • All sophomore, junior and senior students will have an opportunity to participate in the In-House Event. 

  • The In-House Competition is scheduled for the last full week of November and first full week of December each year. 

  • Some technical areas conduct a special event either before or after that date which will be clearly communicated to students. 

  • While all technical instructors are a part of this process, many shops have a designated SkillsUSA coordinator. You can find out who your designated SkillsUSA instructor is by clicking here

  • Make sure you introduce yourself to that teacher and let them know that you want to be an active SkillsUSA participant. 

  • Winners will be notified by their Shop Instructors prior to our In-House Awards Ceremony held in January of every year. Parents and friends are invited to this ceremony.

  • Students who place 1st through 4th in each technical event will represent Greater Lowell at the SkillsUSA District 4 Conference held in March of each year. Paperwork, registration and permission slips are required.

Teachers Need to Know:

  • School-wide in-house competitions are scheduled for the last full week of November and the first full week of December each year.

  • Technical Areas should submit a copy of the trade portion of their in-house exam to their Cluster Chair.

  • Employability Skills and OSHA portions of the exam will be provided to instructors prior to the start of the competition weeks.

  • Instructors should only submit names of students who will be progressing to the District Conference.

  • You must confirm that each student intends to compete at the District event BEFORE submitting their name.

  • All results must be forwarded to your Cluster Chair by the due date-- typically the second Friday in December. 

  • Please submit the names of your District Competitors to your Cluster Chair. You may do this via email, or by using this form

  • If you need help with scoring, planning or anything else, do not hesitate to contact the Skills Advisors or your cluster chair.

Tips for a Great In-House Event:
  • Plan your contest and notify students of the date well in advance—make it a shop event!
  • Allow all students to participate—even sophomores.
  • Work with your Co-op students to allow them to participate.
  • Make sure your scoring is unbiased—have 2 or more judges blind score your students’ work or utilize technology for computerized scoring.
  • For written tests, be sure that your questions are written so that there is a CLEAR right and wrong answer that is determined by an answer key.
  • Invite members of your advisory board to be judges if you choose to have a performance component.
  • Be sure that all judges score all projects under the same conditions.
  • Remember-- day-to-day working conditions are very different from the stress of competition. Prepare your students for this, and identify those that work well under pressure.   

TEACHERS-- Please submit all results to your CLUSTER CHAIR.